February 26, 2024
Shawn Kemp Arrested For Alleged Drive-By Shooting Incident

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Shawn Kemp, one of the NBA’s original high-flying power players, was arrested Wednesday (March 8) according to reports from police in Tacoma, Wash. The former Seattle Supersonics star was booked today on charges in connection to an alleged drive-by shooting and details are still developing.

Shawn Kemp, 53, was arrested in Pierce County according to a report from The Seattle Times at around 6 p.m. local time. According to the publication’s report, there was an altercation between individuals in a pair of cars that resulted erupted into gunfire near Tacoma Mall according to the Tacoma Police Department.

One of the cars vacated the scene and a firearm was found near the site of the shooting then police proceeded to arrest Kemp. In a report from local outlet Fox 13, it was shared that no individuals were harmed in the shooting. The outlet also added that Kemp is the owner of two cannabis shops in the region.

As details develop, we’ll return to add more to this report. For now, check out the reactions from Twitter to Shawn Kemp getting arrested for his alleged role in a drive-by shooting.

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