September 30, 2023
porter potaro skrillex

With only eight days to go until Second Sky, Porter Robinson has finally revealed the special guest replacing Fred again.., and it’s none other than Skrillex himself.

When the festival first debuted with two days in 2019, G Jones ended up unable to make it either day and it seemed like DJ Potaro was filling in on Sunday until the costume came off and revealed Skrillex underneath.

It’s ironic that he is, once again, filling in for an artist who became unable to play the festival. Although, this time, there’s no special reveal to be made at the festival, fans can seethe with anticipation for the next full week.

Porter has yet to make any statement regarding Keudae, his live pianist, or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, one of the artists playing the festival, after fans made their concerns known on Twitter almost two weeks ago.

Jenny Hughes, who goes by Keudae on YouTube and aihaeyo on Instagram, made her own statement on October 12. Nothing yet from KPP.

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