September 21, 2023
Falldren - Pantheon Day One @ The Substation

Soul Food Music Collective is releasing the third volume of their compilation series and hosting a listening party to celebrate.

Based in Southern California and founded in 2017, the Soul Food Music Collective has sought to serve up vibes for the mind, body, and soul. Soul Food is making its mark by highlighting diverse underground artists, hosting events with some familiar names like TSU NAMI and RamonPang, and creating a boundless community for their artists. What started as a group of music-loving friends has turned into a space where the limits of genre, race, and creed don’t exist, where all that matters is sharing music and having fun. Because of this, Soul Food showcases a wide array of genres, from trap to future bass and techno to hip hop.

Their annual compilation series returns better than ever this year with the first double-sided edition, and we’re excited to have the exclusive premiere of Volume 03 at EDM Identity. The first side features a collection of eight Wave tracks from producers AYDO8, SKOT, Loss Combinator, Falldren, C-ZER, Kadachi, Dreamcode & Kry, and Nick Neutronz, with some darker offerings to some melodically-driven or downtempo pieces, appealing to fans of the whole spectrum. The second side includes Baclash, plumpy, Rourie, edoken, Jah-Jo, DriveSlowHomie, WildType, and Wes Pierce, featuring more experimental tracks, garage, trap, and breakbeat, among other genres.

Soul Food Comp 03 symbolizes a turning point in our ever-evolving story. As of this moment in time, we don’t really consider ourselves a record label. Three years ago, we had no idea what to expect with Comp 01. We were honestly prepared for it to be a one-time only thing. Fast forward to now and it’s truly all thanks to our community that we can co-create such beautiful soundscapes.

ASAHN, member of Soul Food Collective

The compilation perfectly captures the eclectic nature of Soul Food’s ethos; the other side of which involves philanthropic action in their community. All proceeds of Soul Food Compilation Volume 03 will be donated to Harmony Project, an organization seeking to improve accessibility to music education for underserved students. “By empowering underprivileged youth through music education, we believe we’re sharing a message that the future of our world is dependent on taking care of the next generations,” Soul Food shared. Fans can take part by streaming the compilation and tuning into the Discord listening party happening later this week.

Pre-save the Soul Food Compilation Volume 03 on Spotify or Apple Music before it comes out on March 31, and make sure to tune into the listening party on March 30 at 8 PM PST on Soul Food’s Discord.

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