April 17, 2024
ZHU Attempts Largest Game Of Musical Chairs For Red Rocks, Gets Denied


Inspired by his latest mixtape, Musical Chairs Mixtape (Vol 1), Grammy-nominated artist ZHU attempted to set up the biggest game of musical chairs ever during his show at Red Rocks.

The artist and innovator has been inviting attendees on stage to play musical chairs since the mixtape dropped, even giving away a tattoo to the winner at one of his more recent shows. But this feat was set to be a viral moment in his career as he even contacted the Guinness Book of World records to document it for history.

But sadly, the powers behind the World Records denied his request and said that Red Rocks would not qualify for the largest game of musical chairs. ZHU even claimed that they wanted $40,000 for the submission. But we can’t imagine that the producer, fashion designer, and singer will give up trying.

ZHU will be performing at Red Rocks Amphitheater on November 12 with special guests SIDEPIECE and Barnacle Boi. Tickets to the show are still available here.

View ZHU’s Instagram post below:

Featured image from ZHU


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