April 19, 2024
Zakk Wylde Phil Anselmo


Zakk Wylde Phil Anselmo

During a recent appearance on The SDR Show, Zakk discussed his participation in the PANTERA celebration tour.

As previously reported, ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante and OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist Zakk Wylde will join PANTERA‘s surviving members on a reunion tour.

According to Billboard, the lineup has been given a green light by the estates of the band’s founders, drummer Vincent “Vinnie Paul” Abbott and guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, as well as Brown, who last year said Wylde wouldn’t tour with PANTERA if a reunion were to happen. It’s unclear what changed his mind.

“I had nothing to do with [putting the PANTERA thing together]. I’m friends with the guys,” he said. “It’d be like if Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell were gonna do a tribute to Jimi [Hendrix] and they [asked] Eric Clapton, ‘Eric, would you sing and play Jimi‘s stuff? We’re gonna put this tribute thing together.’ It’s just, like, of course Eric would [do it]. ‘Just let me know when you wanna do it.’ It’s just like anything. Like when we do ‘Experience Hendrix’, we do anything like that, it’s just, like, ‘Would you guys like to go out and honor Jimi Hendrix?’ It’s just, like, ‘Yeah. And why wouldn’t we?’”

“Yeah, of course. I’m gonna be honored. Even if it was a festival they were putting together and they wanted BLACK LABEL to come up and have Phil sing and they were gonna have all the different bands up there — LAMB OF GODBLACK LABELANTHRAX — and all the bands were gonna play a PANTERA song and Phil‘s gonna sing. Of course we’d be involved. Why wouldn’t we be involved?”

Zakk went on to clarify that he has yet to learn how to play the PANTERA material, despite the fact that he was close friends with Dimebag.

“I don’t know [how to play] the songs,” he revealed. “If Dime had to play the ‘No More Tears’ solo and ‘Mama, I’m Coming Home’ and ‘Miracle Man’ and ‘Perry Mason’ and play ‘S*icide Messiah’, it’d be, like, ‘You must know Zakk‘s stuff.’ He [would be], like, ‘No. I don’t know any of his stuff. Zakk‘s my buddy, but no, I don’t know any of his stuff.’”


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