September 30, 2023
Zach Bryan Promises To Cover Rental Car Fees For Fans Who Got In An Accident On The Way to His Show: 'Glad You Guys Are Okay'

Rising country singer Zach Bryan has proved that his fans are high up on his list of priorities. He continues to make a strong effort to support them in the same way they have done for his budding music career. Most recently, the country singer offered to lend a helping hand to a group of fans that hit a bump in the road on the way to one of his shows. 

The singer/songwriter found out about the group through a post on Twitter in which the fans shared photos of the accident that includes a car too damaged to continue driving in. Nevertheless, their smiles remained on their faces in anticipation for seeing Bryan perform in Denver, CO.

Their caption on Twitter read, “@zachlanebryan halfway through the drive to red rocks for the show tomorrow and smoked a deer in the middle of Iowa. Currently waiting in a kum & go gas station for the Uber to Omaha, then gonna rent a car, and make our way to Denver. See you tomorrow my good sir.”

Bryan shared their unfortunate hitch on his Twitter account, adding that he will be covering the costs for a portion of their transportation.

“Rental car is on me!” he wrote before heading to the comment section to add, “Glad you guys are okay.”

Many users commended the U.S. Navy veteran on his gracious efforts, and one even offered up his own truck to ensure the stranded fans were able to make it to the show. “We are from Iowa, in Colorado for the show; but there’s an extra truck at our farm with the keys in it. Help yourselves! Safe travels,” they wrote.

Zach Bryan; Photo by Scott Dudelson

This show is currently set to take place Thursday (Nov. 4) at Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre as part of Bryan’s headlining trek. According to a recent announcement on social media, Bryan let ticket holders know that the less-than-ideal weather forecast has caused him to shift a few things ahead of the show. 

He wrote, “Hey guys – tonight’s weather in Morrison, CO is touch & go at the moment, so we’re making a few changes to the schedule to ensure everyone’s safety. We will also be providing free hand warmers and hot chocolate.”

Some users expressed their concerns in the comments while others shared that excitement for the added amenities to keep them warm. 

Among the list of generous acts from Bryan is his decision to lower the costs of his merch. After learning just how much his T-shirts and hoodies are being sold for at his shows, he revealed that he will be making a change. 

The Oologah, Oklahoma native took to Twitter to let his fans know that he won’t stand for the “absolutely heinous” prices.

He wrote, “I just learned how expensive the merch was last night. A hoodie for 60 to 70 dollars is too much and I’m fixing it now. thank you guys so much for being such a good and kind and rowdy crowd.”

Fans once again chimed in with words of gratitude.

Over the summer, Bryan served as support for several major country artists including Willie Nelson and Luke Combs, and in between, he hit the road for several dates on his headlining American Run tour.

Zach Bryan is next slated to perform Thursday (Nov. 3) in Denver with Charles Wesley Godwin, Jonathan Peyton, before making their way to Simpsonville, SC.

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