March 21, 2023
Yung Joc Shaves Head Bald After Losing Bet on Tory Lanez's Court Case

Yung Joc is owning up to his bet. Before court proceedings in Tory Lanez’s trial kicked off, Joc stated if the Canadian rapper were convicted, he would shave his head. After Lanez was found guilty on all charges, Joc owned up to it.

Joc’s head was shaven by his fellow Morning Takeover host Shyneka.

“I’ma just say this, okay? I made a bet with Shyneka and Shawty Shawty on my morning show that if Tory is found guilty, I’ll shave my head,” Joc said during a visit to Vlad TV. “I’ll shave my whole head bald. I told Shyneka if Tory innocent, she gotta come to work with the braids that be under the weave. Can’t get them fresh, I need the weave patted down braids, the Beyoncé pat my weave braids. She gotta come to work like that.”

You can see a fresh-shaven Joc below.

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