December 11, 2023
You Can Pretend to Speak Greek After Listening to This Solo Track by Rotting Christ's Sakis Tolis

Roughly nine months after the release of his debut solo album Among the Fires of Hell, Rotting Christ frontman Sakis Tolis released a new solo track written and sung entirely in Greek, though the average English listener should understand what’s being said.

Released earlier today, “The Origin” is a gothic sounding track with what I assume is a fake all male choir backing up Tolis’ vocals. According to a statement from Tolis, the lyrics were chosen so English and Greek speaking listeners could listen without needing a translation guide.

“This is a song that consists exclusively of words with Greek roots, so it can be understood and read from both Greek and English speaking listeners! Hope you will enjoy this version of my ‘it’s all Greek to me’ song!”

Rotting Christ just recently put out a surprise EP last week full of rare and live tracks titled The Apocryphal Spells, Vol. 1, via Century Media Records. It’s being billed as the first of multiple EPs featuring material that’s been only previously available as bonus tracks for physical releases and other releases. Along with their own rarities, this new EP includes two Kreator covers.

There’s no news at this time about another Sakis Tolis solo album, though he is slated to perform solo for the first time live at Inferno Music Festival in Norway, where he’ll perform Among the Fires of Hell in its entirety, as well as rare songs from the long line of tracks from Rotting Christ and Thou Art Lord.

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