December 1, 2023
Angela Simmons x Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti got his wish to date actress Angela Simmons years after letting the world know he was feeling her. The two announced they are officially dating on Instagram and hung out on New Year’s Eve.


After years of having his eyes on Angela Simmons, Yo Gotti and the actress finally announced they were together in a post on Instagram on New Year’s Eve.

The Memphis native has manifested his love for Simmons in a number of interviews.

“A yo Angela,” Yo Gotti said during a 2016 interview on The Real. “This your boy, Yo Gotti. Yo, what it is, I feel like you’ll beat me, you a boss and a beauty so I need you on the team, know what I’m saying.”

“We would probably do something different man you know,” the “Act Right” artist said during an interview on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning show where he talked about sending Simmons flowers. “We had to go to different places. Probably get away from her for a minute, or come to my city.”

Recently, Jack Harlow it was announced that Jack Harlow is dating pop singer Dua Lipa. The new star couple linked to collaborate musically early this year with Harlow’s album Come Home, The Kids Miss You. Now they’re Twitter official.

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