December 5, 2023
Year of the Knife is Once Again Complete as Madi Watkins Joins Her Bandmates at Rehearsal

Roughly six months ago, the hardcore outfit Year of the Knife found themselves in an extremely precarious situation, as each of their members were injured in a major van accident while on tour. Though no one’s injuries were particularly life-threatening, the band’s vocalist Madi Watkins was so banged up she had to spend months recovering in the hospital.

Having only just recently been released from the hospital back in September, it seems the band is anxious to get back on track. As such, they’re back in the basement and jamming out with Madi slinging a bass — only this go around they’re working on music for their side project, Damnations Domain. In that project, Madi is the bassist while her husband Brandon handles vocals. Seriously, check this shit out.

Honestly, it’s great to see that through the support of her bandmates, her family, her husband Brandon, and scores of strangers on the internet who donated to the band’s recovery fund, Madi Watkins can continue doing what she loves.

Earlier this year, Year of the Knife put out an album No Love Lost, which was a feat unto itself. Proceeds generated by the album will go directly to the band’s recovery efforts, which is separate from the ongoing recovery fund being collected through GoFundMe. So far, nearly 6,000 fans and musicians from other bands have put up more than $255,600 to help cover any medical bills the members have to pay back, since living in America has to be the most expensive thing possible always.

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