April 22, 2024


It’s the end of the road! On Dec 1, Yara Shahidi’s Day Off will premiere its season finale on Facebook Watch. While drinking mocktails, host Yara Shahidi plays games and shares old and new family stories with multi-platinum recording artist Nas, his daughter Destiny, and her brother Sayeed. In addition, Nas discusses where he came from, what’s in store for him, and the significance of investing in the younger generation.

Season Finale Details

During the episode, Nas and Destiny discuss their experience at last year’s Grammy Awards. According to her, the best part of the experience was sharing a trailer with her father. Nas revealed he had never thought he would perform at a Grammy award ceremony and was nervous about the event due to its magnitude.

“The Grammy performance…I really didn’t think I would ever do one,” he said in response to remarks made by his daughter. “She’s right, I was backstage, and I was a little nervous because, you know, that’s a big show.” Nas believed that he had to give an exceptional performance to remember his songs and their words.

Watch the full episode here.

Nas Finally Won A Grammy

Furthermore, less than a year after winning his first and only Grammy for his groundbreaking 2020 work, King’s Disease, the rapper earned his 16th nomination at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night, April 3.

While collecting his flowers, Nas performed a medley of his most memorable songs. Among them are “I Can,” the 2001 single “One Mic,” and “Made You Look” from God’s Son.

Assisted by an orchestra, Esco, whom Trevor Noah called the “rapper’s rapper,” also performed “Rare” from King’s Disease II. The Grammys ceremony recognized Nas’ King’s Disease II as the year’s best rap album. However, the award ultimately went to Tyler, the Creator’s Call Me If You Get Lost.

It’s Time To Recognize True Talent

It was an exciting year for Nas in 2021. It marked the 25th anniversary of his second studio album, It Was Written, which was released in 1996. 

The fact that Nas has been around since the early 90s and has only just been presented with an award is ironic. His music conveys a sense of story and demonstrates excellent talent, but unfortunately, not everyone agrees. However, it is essential to note that not achieving deserved recognition does not imply an inability to do so in the future.

Special Thanks

The Yara Shahidi’s Day Off series was a great success. Thank you, Yara, for providing us with a brief insight into the lives of celebrities and educating us about your own. This show carried lots of entertainment and novelty! Let us hope that the season finale does not mark the end of the show as a whole.

Yara Shahidi’s Day Off. Credit: Facebook Watch

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