December 3, 2023
Wu-Tang An American Saga Season 3

For fans patiently awaiting news of the release of the next season of Wu-Tang: An American Saga, relief is here. According to Variety, Hulu has announced that the final chapter of the Wu-Tang saga will return in a few months.

What’s so Great About Wu-Tang


Wu-Tang Clan. Image Source


Wu-Tang is a fixture in hip-hop history. There is no conversation about hip-hop’s golden age to be had without mentioning the Wu-Tang Clan. The seeds for the super collective were planted in Staten Island, New York, over three decades ago. And in 1993, the super-talented artists would come together to collaborate on their first dope drop, “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).” Four years later, Wu-Tang solidified their presence, proving they were lyrical beasts with the drop of their second album, “Wu-Tang Forever.” That album went straight to the top. And it earned the group a nomination for Best Rap Album in 1998.

Never to be Duplicated


Wu-Tang Clan. Image Source: Honeypower Studio

This was no ordinary group of emcees, and that was the intention. From the beginning, founding members Prince Rakeem (RZA) and Dennis Cole (Ghostface Killah) had a larger vision. According to American Song Writer, “The duo had a goal: to create a rap group with an ethic blending Eastern philosophy, picked up from kung fu movies, with comic books and the Black Nationalist Five-Percent philosophy they’d learned in New York.” And fulfill that desire they did. But RZA’s vision was much more expansive. He wanted to do more than create a new philosophy that talented artists would represent.

A Different Kind of Vision

RZA also had the vision to restructure a rap collective’s common infrastructure. While each member was like the fingers of one mighty fist, they weren’t affixed. As the Ringer notes, he [RZA]  promised he would make them a commercial behemoth without sacrificing their aesthetic principles or becoming unduly tied to any one record label.” This meant that the members had the liberty and freedom to create their own successes apart from the brand. Yet, no matter where they sought to spread their wings, they were still at the core Wu-Tang. As RZA later noted, “Wu-Tang was a financial movement. So, what do you wanna diversify…? And these multi-talented artists were top-tier assets. Never before had there been a group like the Wu-Tang Clan and there has yet to be another.”

Wu-Tang Clan: An American Saga


In 2019 RZA and Alex Tse set out to tell their story in a one-of-a-kind television drama. The show fired on all cylinders drawing mass appeal, leaving current fans even bigger ones while simultaneously drawing new ones. And, at the season’s conclusion, many hoped that they wouldn’t be left hanging, and they weren’t. In September 2021, the drama continued, and it was well received. With two seasons down and a good portion of the story told, all the viewers needed was the final chapter. And it’s on the way.

Wu-Tang: An American Saga Season 3

Variety notes that season three of the saga will return with many of the favorites in February. Ashton Sanders will return as Bobby Diggs (RZA), as will Shameik Moore and Saddiq Saunderson. And the EP (Executive Production) Team will still include RZA, Alex TSE, and include Method Man, and Brian Grazer. So, save the date, February 15, 2023, and tune in to Hulu to get the rest of the story.

Written by: Renae Richardson

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