February 26, 2024
Worlds Apart Unveils Heart Pumping Melodic Dubstep Single, "Into The Night ft. Lesperado"

One collective artist that continues to astonish us with their groundbreaking style is Worlds Apart. This trio merges their innovative sound design with breathtaking vocals, visual talent, and videography to expand their message of hope, love, and excitement. Each member of the group has something unique to offer that is essential to Worlds Apart’s overall success.

Now, this talented group is back with a heart pumping melodic dubstep single, titled “Into The Night“. Featuring the ethereal vocals of Lesperado, Worlds Apart weaves together an anthem fueled by thumping drums, blissful background auras, and a head banging drop that would light up any venue.

Here’s what Worlds Apart had to say about it:

“I once had a dream that lasted for what felt like eternity. Within that dream I was confronted with my greatest fears, and I was forced to face each of them – one by one. But yet as I stood face to face with my fear and looked into its eyes, I realized there was nothing there. Each one, an illusion of an image of a dark idea that existed only within the mind, shattered when confronted with the light of the truth.”

Listen below!


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