September 21, 2023
Worlds Apart Returns With Melodic Bass Single, “Take Me Away” ft. Scarlett

Worlds Apart is an artist trio that combines the collective minds of three individuals into a single creative vision. Through the fusion of electronic music production, lyric writing, videography, vocal performance, and visual arts, Worlds Apart is on a mission to spread a message of love, hope, and excitement to as many people as they can, and it’s safe to say they accomplish this mission in all they do. 

Lorenzo and Jason are the group’s producers and composers. Lorenzo is the primary DJ, and Jason focuses more on the production, mixing, and mastering side of the house. Ashley’s passion is with the visual arts, where she brings her visions to life through the creation of electronic, video, and photographic art.

Together, the three make an impeccable team, and are back with a new single rife with passion, nostalgia, and lots of “feels” titled “Take Me Away” ft. Scarlett. The moment the arrangement kicks in, it’s impossible not to be enraptured by the feeling it evokes as Scarlett’s pristine vocal sits forefront, helping lift this song into a whole new dimension.

“Take me away, from all of the danger so we can be free, of violence and hatred. Take me away, from all of the anger back to a time, when we were all angels.” – Worlds Apart

Listen below!

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