February 21, 2024
Wings of Steel's new album 'Gates of Twilight' now available

Wings of Steel’s new album ‘Gates of Twilight’ now available

Los Angeles, California, USA based rockers Wings of Steel consisting of lead vocalist Leo Unnermark, lead guitarist Parker Halub and drummer Mike Mayhem, have just released their debut full-length album Gates of Twilight. The group released its debut self-titled EP back in March 2022.

Track List for Gates of Twilight:
01. Liar In Love
02. Fall In Line
03. Garden of Eden
04. Cry of The Damned
05. She Cries
06. Lady of The Lost
07. Leather And Lace
08. Slave of Sorrows
09. Gates of Twilight
10. Into The Sun

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Wings of Steel‘s debut EP: “As I write this review, Wings of Steel have already released another album titled Gates of Twilight, which saw the light of day only three days ago (on May 19, 2023). There is no need to say that I will be purchasing that album in the very near future. If you like classic European flavoured heavy metal, you’ll definitely want to check out Wings of Steel.”

Wings of Steel‘s “Leather And Lace” video:

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