February 21, 2024
Windhand's Dorthia Cottrell Announces Solo Album via Relapse |

Dorthia Cottrell, the vocalist of doom band Windhand, has announced her next solo album, Death Folk Country, will be out April 21 via Relapse Records.

The record takes on themes of home inspired by her rural upbringing in King George, Virginia and the mixture of boredom, not fitting in fear and terror, and love and safety that she experienced growing up.

“This album to me is about painting a picture of a place where my heart lives,” Cottrell explains. The title Death Folk Country is partly me describing a genre that fits the sound—but it’s also meant to be taken as a Naming, a coronation of the world inside me. Death Folk Country is the music and also the land where the music takes place, and the two have always been inextricable from each other.”

Cottrell has already released a song from the album, “Family annihilator.” Check it out below:

“I grew up deep in a Virginia Pine forest in a house built entirely by my grandpa,” she adds. “The only type of door I knew was made of plywood and had a hook instead of a knob. We were excited to have our washing machine and dryer on the porch so we didn’t have to hang clothes up to dry in the winter. Our heat came from burning wood. If you didn’t cut the wood, you didn’t get warm. If you didn’t make a specific effort for something, you went without it. And I loved it. I still love it. The smell, the air, the way it looks, the way it sounds. The way it doesn’t sound. The feeling.”

This album is the follow-up to her debut, self-titled record from 2015, as well as all her work with Windhand. It was recorded and produced by Jon K. and Cottrell at SANS Studios in Richmond, VA.

Preorder or pre-save the album here.

Death Folk Country Track Listing: 

01 – Death Is The Punishment For Love
02 – Harvester
03 – Black Canyon
04 – Family Annihilator
05 – Effigy At The Gate Of Ur
06 – Midnight Boy
07 – Hell In My Water
08 – Take Up Serpents
09 – For Alicia
10 – Eat What I Kill
11 – Death Is Reward For Love 

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