April 14, 2024
Whyte Fang and the "Very Weird Side" of Alison Wonderland She Couldn't Hide Anymore - EDM.com

Alexandra Sholler is weird.

Her words—not mine. When I caught up with Sholler, whose fans know her as the superstar DJ and singer-songwriter Alison Wonderland, one word popped up more than any other: “weird.” On a radiant day in Los Angeles, we’re ironically talking about Whyte Fang, her secretive nom de plume by which she’s writing the darkest music of her career.

Profound but lost, Whyte Fang has always been veiled beneath another skin. Making woozy beats that could soundtrack a fever dream out of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, she predates Alison Wonderland and she’s subconsciously influenced the chart-topping artist all these years. But she’s a completely different person.

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