April 15, 2024
Why Costa Rica's Utopian Jungle Festival, Envision, Is "Much More Potent Than Just a Good Party" - EDM.com

Picture this: You wake up in a custom two-floor bamboo treehouse, go to an hourlong Acro-Yoga session and then treat yourself to a refreshing elixir from The Village Witches. Then you attend a mind-blowing workshop about the mycelium network from none other than Paul Stamets himself, grab a bite to eat and you’re on your way to the beach to howl at the sunset before dancing the night away.

Sounds dreamy, right?

Believe it or not, this experience is real. Returning February 27th to March 6th for its 11th year, Envision Festival has been offering it for years. While many hear the word “festival” and conflate it with partying, the organizers of Envision have proven that it can—and should—be so much more than that.

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