April 17, 2024
Metal Shout


When you heard a Metallica song somewhere, you probably know the song’s name too. During Stranger Things season 4 latest episode, Joe Quinn has already turned the world upside down by playing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” as Eddie Munson.

In the season 4 of Stranger Things, we saw the return of the main cast, including Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and Millie Bobby Brown, to name a few, as well as newcomers Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays season 4’s main antagonist Vecna, and Joseph Quinn, who became an instant fan favorite after playing Eddie Munson.

Eddie and Dustin attempted to redirect the bats in the Upside Down away from Steve, Nancy, and Robin, who were attempting to enter Vecna’s lair in the Stranger Things season 4 finale. Eddie sings Metallica’s legendary 1986 single “Master of Puppets” on the roof of his trailer to attract the bats, in what has now become one of the show’s most memorable sequences.

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About Metallica’s Master of Puppets songs, Stranger Things music supervisor Nora Felder talks:

“It was another one of those ‘it has to be this song,’ moments. This part of the story was anticipated to be a pivotal and especially hair-raising scene in which Eddie heroically stood tall for the fight of his life.

I believe the Duffer Brothers felt that playing ‘Master of Puppets’ throughout the extended scene was the clear choice. No other song was discussed further, and we jumped in to clear it straight away. The track was a perfect match for Eddie since it not only amplified the episode’s most thrilling scene, but in some ways, aligns with Eddie’s seemingly arrogant and edgy in-your-face public persona.”

Who played the Metallica song in Stranger Things?

Joe Quinn‘s character Eddie Munson played Metallica‘s “Master of Puppets” in the last episode of Stranger Things season 4.

Eddie Munson is also the chef of The Hellfire Club. This is a Dungeons and Dragons group at Hawkins High School that comprises Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), and Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin). The members have their own The Hellfire Club shirts, which has inspired Metallica to create their own spin on the tee.

A few months ago, the Stranger Things actor also met with Metallica members, last week during a rehearsal for their headline show at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago.

At the private meeting, Joe Quinn jammed with the band and also presented with an original and signed B.C. Rich guitar as Joe Quinn performed during the program. About this experience, he said: “It was amazing! Opportunities to play ‘Master of Puppets’ with the most iconic metal band of all time don’t come around very often. A story for the grandkids.”

Metallica shared a statement about the Stranger Things series:

“The way the Duffer brothers have incorporated music into Stranger Things has always been next level. But to have such a pivotal scene built around it… we were all stoked to see the final result. And when we did, we were totally blown away.”

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About the Master of Puppets:

“Master of Puppets” was originally released on March 3, 1986, and now, 36 years later, the song reentered the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This is like the chart-topping resurgence of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” after that song was also heavily featured in Season 4 of the series.

Watch Eddie Munson’s Metallica performance below!


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