September 25, 2023
Whethan Brings Back Signature Dance-Pop Sound On First Independent Release In 6 Years, "Fall Out Girl" -

You heard it here first: Whethan is the official shapeshifter—or soundshifter, rather—of dance music.

And he’s now breaking away in more ways than one. Whethan’s latest single, “Fall Out Girl” (with Zai1k), is his first independent release in six years following a two-album stint with Atlantic Records. 

“Fall Out Girl” is an uplifting callback to the sounds of this dance music prodigy’s past, from the playful sonics and youthful enthusiasm of his debut album, Fantasy, to the moodier, too-cool-for-school edge of its hip hop follow-up, MIDNIGHT. Anthemic lyrics rasp above pumping house synths and a propulsive bass line while Zai1k’s heady vocals send us along at a breakneck pace.

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