October 6, 2022

We did another interesting interview with amazing Dave Curl on his album “Introducing” and much more. Also, we’ll premiere Dave’s new song : “These Days” in this interview, so please check it out.

Dave is a Swiss born singer-songwriter and has an authentic way of connecting with his audience and taking them on an emotional journey with his songs.

With a passion for songwriting running through his veins from an early age, Dave’s soulful lyrics and catchy melodies expose a sensitive artist whose warm and deep vocals provoke a profound response. His songs reflect the search for that magical moment, where words, sounds and melodies become one. Read more here

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Lisa: Hi Dave! How are you doing, and what are you doing these days?

Dave: I am doing well. The last three weeks have been full of creative work – messaging forwards and backwards with my graphic designer to get the album cover and the booklet “nice and ready” for production. Last week I also was online with a song coach I personally know from London to check out some new songs if the lyrics really fit or if there are parts that need redrafting. And of course it’s always inspiring to get a new and different opinion and perspective for a song. Then I’ve been in contact with my producer in Frankfurt/Germany, hoping that I can go there beginning of March to record some new songs!

Lisa: So you’re busy as usual!  Will you have any guests on your new songs? When you’re writing a song, how do you know when you have an idea worth pursuing?

Dave: On my new songs I will probably feature the amazing guitar player Holger Düchting again, he really made some of my songs in the last production shine! Well, in my case as a songwriter, I mostly have an idea for a chorus or a song line that comes “out of the blue” when inspiration finds me. I’ve made it a habit to record this on my Iphone. Later on I will listen to these ideas and find chords that fit and help bring the melody or the tune alive. After I’ve collected some first song drafts like this, I’ll take my time and play them a couple of times and see which one feels good or worth pursuing. Often the chorus pops up as a song idea, so that helps a lot-).

Lisa:Awesome, that makes sense! In the previous interview you’ve told me that your favorite venue last year was playing in a cave-like stage in Spain at Dreamsea Surf Camps. Could you tell me more about that experience? And what do you think about online live sessions?

Dave: The Camp is on the top of a hill, surrounded by cantabrian forest. The venue is kind of shaped into one side of the hill, which gives it a “cave-like” feeling. Together with the audience I was kind of playing in a “cocoon”, which this concert a very intimate note!

I’m not really a fan of online live sessions, I’d rather play in front of an audience, with which I can interact directly instead via a screen. But never say never-). Of course for a lot of musicians who are in dire need of support, this is a good way. I really hope to get back on those stages this year, but if the situation doesn’t get better, I will consider this option.

Lisa: Sounds like an amazing place to perform! Yes, I also prefer to attend the live show, but doing livestreams you can also build more audience. What is your secret to breaking through your comfort zones and pushing your limits?

Dave: Well, if you know that you’re going to be on stage soon with people listening and watching you… that’s definitely a motivator-). One “secret” is to practise on a regular basis, if possible daily… .  Then I feel comfortable with playing my songs and it gives me time and space to interact also with the audience. When it comes to songwriting, I will send in a “finished” song to a songwriting teacher I personally know in London and he will give me some new perspectives or mark out parts, that could do with some redrafting. This can be quite “brutal” after I’ve spend hours on writing a song, but it definitely gets me out of my comfort zone.

Lisa: Yes, getting out of the comfort zone seems to be a key success to many artists. I was just listening to your song ‘”Dreamsurfing”. What was the inspiration for this song, is there a story behind it?

Dave: Well…  I wrote this song in summer 2019, staying at the Dreamseasurfcamp in Cantabria, Spain. I met wonderful people, had some epic surf sessions (in summer!) and spent time just enjoying life, jamming with strangers who became friends, watching the sunset over the ocean… . This inspiring surrounding made it easy to write this song. It reflects on my deep love towards the sea and surfing, which has grown over the years.

Lisa: Nice! Ok, and for the last questions in this interview.  If you could pass on a nugget of wisdom to the next musical generation, what would it be?

Dave: Well, I guess there are several nuggets I can pass on: Be honest in your work, find out what you’re good in (and what not), dream big and don’t listen to people who don’t believe in you or think in limited ways, follow your heart, even if it hurts sometimes and find good people to work with!

Thank you Dave!

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