December 5, 2023
Metal Shout

Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield are two best friends in the Metallica band. Now, we need to watch old footage has emerged on social media of the band’s leading duo James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich on a 2003 commercial for AOL Online.

Metallica was working on new material and wanted to market a possibly record called ‘St. Anger’ (2003). What resulted from those two realities is the video below. Metallica’s promotional video for America Online’s Instant Messenger. During the ad, James Hetfield’s grandpa taps on the keyboard, prompting the director to exclaim “F**k it!” B-roll will be used.” After that, Lars Ulrich sent flirtatious texts to a Scandinavian supermodel.

Metallica was a peculiar beast in the early 2000s, as the band was going through some internal upheaval, as detailed in the documentary “Some Kind of Monster.” Which led to their controversial 2003 album “St. Anger.”

While the album has gained some acclaim in retrospect, many continue to gripe about the outmoded sound that nods to nu metal, bad production, and unnecessarily lengthy, repetitive compositions.

Quick insights for St. Anger album:

Release Date: June 5, 2003
Record Label: Elektra

Sales Number: 2,000,000 [US]

Album list:

  1. Eleven Songs
  2. Frantic
  3. St. Anger
  4. Some Kind of Monster
  5. Dirty Window
  6. Invisible Kid
  7. My World
  8. Shoot Me Again
  9. Sweet Amber
  10. The Unnamed Feeling
  11. Purify
  12. All Within My Hands

“I’m madly in love with you,” James Hetfield types to Ulrich as a romantic melody plays in the background. “I’m madly in lust with you,” Ulrich writes back. “I’m madly in anger,” James Hetfield responds before phoning to tell the drummer, “‘Anger’ works better rhythmically — check it out!” Metallica frontman then performs that portion of the lively metal tune. Lars Ulrich makes a funny face.

You can watch the ad video below!

Also, Metallica just added new shows for old-school metal music fans. These shows and concerts will happen in honor of Jonny Zazula, the Megaforce Records label founder. He also helped to Metallica band on the map and passed away in 2022.

The Four Horsemen will perform a special ‘early years’ concert in November in Hollywood, Florida. In memory of his wife Marsha, who died in 2021. The concert also scheduled for November 6 at Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

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