February 21, 2024
WATCH: Golden Tickets Rain Down On Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie In New 'American Idol' Promo

American Idol returns on February 19 for the Season 21 premiere!

To ring in the New Year, the show shared a brand-new, 45-second teaser clip for the upcoming season that featured all three Idol judges, including Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie as well as host Ryan Seacrest.

The clip begins as Perry walks by a golden neon sign for “Sin City,” which the show transformed into “Sing City,” teasing Perry, Bryan and Richie’s time in Las Vegas as they embarked on their journey to finding the next American Idol.

American Idol judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Idol host Ryan Seacrest; Photo Courtesy of ABC

As the video continues, Richie’s hand is seen running over the keys of a piano while Bryan pops champagne and Seacrest rolls a pair of dice.

Perry, donning a sparkling silver dress and heels, then pulls down a ‘Golden Ticket’ slot machine handle, which unveils each of the three judges faces shouting ‘Yes!’ earning a big win that showered down golden tickets.

“Who will win big and be the next American Idol?” Seacrest questioned as the judges reach for the golden tickets that fluttered down upon them in the clip. The video concludes as Seacrest reveals this year’s premiere date.

The Vegas theme for this year’s season of Idol presumably comes as the show celebrates its 21st year on air, similar to how you have to be 21 years old to be able to gamble in Sin City.

Perry also shared the clip on social media, which she captioned, “Wellll mark your calendars cause we’re all GETTIN LUCKY on Feb 19 2023!!! #americanidol’s 21st season premieres on ABC that night and we’re celebrating a 21st bday the only way we know how. HAPPY NEW YEAR SEE U THEN!”

On New Year’s Eve, Perry, Bryan and Richie took to American Idol’s social media to ring in 2023 and to celebrate Ryan Seacrest’s 21st season as the Idol host. 

“This year marks Ryan Seacrest’s 21st season of hosting American Idol. 21 seasons of making dreams come true,” Perry said.

“21 seasons of ‘this is American Idol,’” Richie added.

“And 21 seasons of great hair,” Bryan shared, “what he’s got a nice pompadour.”

“It’s true, I guess,” Perry admitted, “the point is American Idol wouldn’t be the same without you.”

“Or your hair,” Bryan joked, before Richie chimed in, “and here’s to many more.”

“We love you Ryan and Happy New Year,” the three judges collectively shouted.

In late September of 2022, the Idol judges and host reunited in Las Vegas to begin taping for the upcoming Idol season.

In a photo shared by ABC, Richie, Perry, Bryan, and Seacrest were seen gathered around a poker table as they begin their hunt for Idol hopefuls.

In July, ABC announced the return of judges Richie, Perry, and Bryan. At the time, the network also revealed that Seacrest would return to host.

American Idol auditions took place throughout the month of August via Zoom or face-to-face events across the United States. Auditions for American Idol season 21 are now closed.

In an interview with Parade, Bryan opened up about the constant hunt for rising stars and revealed he works closely with the Idol team to find exciting new talent.

Luke Bryan; Photo by ABC/Brian Bowen Smith
Luke Bryan; Photo by ABC/Brian Bowen Smith

“Megan [Michaels Wolflick], our showrunner, she texts the group several times, ‘Get ready, we’ve got great talent coming,’” he said. “A lot of times I’ll be on TikTok or Instagram and I’ll see a kid singing and performing and I’ll send her a link. So, we all work as a big, happy family to put on the best show. That’s what we’re always working towards.”

The upcoming season marks the show’s 21st season overall and sixth on ABC.

Season 21 of American Idol will premiere on Sunday, February 19, 2023, via the ABC Television Network.

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