February 21, 2024
Watch Four Tet and Fred again.. Take Over a New York City Food Truck - EDM.com

There was more heat than just that of the sizzling waffle irons emitting from the food truck outside Terminal 5 over the weekend.

Four Tet and Fred again.. took over the New York venue, but didn’t quite feel like turning down after their sets were over. Instead, the two took over a food truck serving waffles in the immediate vicinity after noticing those inside were having a good time playing music on boombox speakers.

Naturally, once Four Tet and Fred again.. were given free reign over the aux, a crowd quickly began to form around the vehicle. The two artists were enjoying the moment, but as the crowd grew in mass, they were also looking to make an exit. That wasn’t before teeing up one last legendary crowd pleasing track, however.

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