December 4, 2023
A young Metallica in 1983

Footage has emerged of what is believed to be Metallica’s very first interview with Dave Mustaine as part of the band, taking place all the way back in March 1983. The short but entertaining clip features interviewer Donna Davies introducing the “hot new heavy metal band from LA” , before James Hetfield helpfully confirms that the band have been together “since we started” (nice one, James). Davies then asks the Four Horsemen – singer/guitarist Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, lead guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Cliff Burton – to name their main influences, to which Mustaine name-drops British heavy metal OGs Angel Witch and Venom in response.

Metallica’s growing love for San Francisco is then laid bare, as Ulrich claims that “up in San Francisco” the crowds are “a lot better”. The thrash titans would, of course, eventually relocate there, making their name as one of the key innovators of the emerging Bay Area thrash scene. 

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