March 2, 2024
WATCH: Blake Shelton 'Blown Away' By Bryce Leatherwood's Rendition Of 'Goodbye Time' On 'The Voice'

On the second night of blind auditions for Season 22 of The Voice, the longest-running coach, Blake Shelton finally started to build his team. One of the contestants that joined Team Blake was 22-year-old country singer, Bryce Leatherwood.

Bryce Leatherwood; Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Hailing from Woodstock, Ga., Leatherwood stepped on stage and sang Shelton’s version of “Goodbye Time,” which was originally recorded by Conway Twitty. From the first few seconds of his performance, Shelton had a good feeling about Leatherwood.

The contestant embraced the true cowboy look with his black cowboy hat, matching shirt, bold belt buckle and blue jeans. It didn’t take long for Shelton to turn his chair and fellow coaches John Legend and Gwen Stefani joined him shortly after.

“You have excellent taste in music,” Shelton joked before adding, “I wanted to get my push in before you got to the chorus because I could tell you’d already hit the two tough notes, ‘how can you walk away,’” he sang showcasing the high range. 

“Man I was blown away, and what a great country name, Leather…wood,” Shelton said praising the young singer, making a strong effort to bring him onto his team. 

Even though new coach Camila Cabello was the only one who did not turn for him, she still had a few comments of her own to share. 

“You have an incredible voice. There’s just, you have better coaches than me,” she admitted honestly. “I know if I’m like, ‘Hey! Sing a Bad Bunny song,’ you’re going to wanna kill me. But, you are incredibly talented.”

Stefani explained that although she did not grow up listening to country music, she was familiar with the song choice from hearing her country singer husband sing it. She then confessed that she believed the song to be a Blake Shelton original and was unaware of Twitty’s original recording. 

“I didn’t realize that was a cover,” she said. “What I like about you is your character. We’re here for the voices, but also here for the personality. I think that’s important even though I’m not country. I’m into country. I’m a part-time Oklahoma girl now and a good coach.”

Shelton then praised Leatherwood’s response to the news that Stefani wasn’t as familiar with the song as she thought.

Bryce Leatherwood; Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC
Bryce Leatherwood; Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

“Well I grew up with that song on a cassette tape in my granddaddy’s truck,” he said.

Legend gave a strong compliment to the young singer as he made his own effort to rope him into joining his team for the season. 

“You sounded fantastic,” Legend said before giving a light dig to his fellow coach. “I heard the richness in your voice. No matter what genre you sing, it’s about the charisma you have as an artist. I didn’t want you to waste your experience on this show being on Team Blake. I would be a great coach for you.”

After hearing pitches from the remaining coaches and seeing all the bribery they had to offer, Leatherwood made the not so surprising decision to officially move forward in the competition with Shelton. 

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC at 8 pm ET/PT.

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