March 2, 2024
Walker & Royce Team Up With Nala for Infectious House Single, "Not About You" -

Two of house music’s hottest acts have finally linked up for a stellar collaboration.

Walker & Royce and Nala have joined forces for “Not About You,” which released by way of Chris Lake’s famed Black Book Records imprint. The tune is a glorious hodgepodge of each’s signature sounds, with Walker & Royce’s tech house expertise serving as a canvas for Nala’s Riot Grrrl vocal flair.

Pumping bass and twisting laser synths create an infectious groove, while the track’s unruly lyrics give it a rebellious edge. “When they tell me what to do I don’t listen,” Nala purrs with a sultry cadence. “When they tell me what to do I just do what I want and give ‘em nothing… it’s not about you.”

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