September 23, 2023
Vanessa Jamiison

Vanessa Jamiison

We did a follow up interview with talented singer and songwriter and amazing performer on her upcoming release and much more Vanessa Jamiison. Exploring Sensual, Smooth, and Intriguing Pop Music: Rising Artist Jamiison Amazes with New Single Set to soar with her enigmatic original compositions, stunning listeners with playful sensuality and original intimate lyricism, Jamiison is driven for success, as she unveils new single “Waiting On You”.

Los Angeles, California– June 25 th , 2021 – A rising new face in the world of Pop, Jamiison is driven to inspire and astound listeners, while marking her imprint with each unique and original new release. Encapsulating a memorable and electric musical style, the budding artist is set to introduce listeners to her refreshing and eclectic new singles, offering an inimitable look into love, life, and the modern times through her captivating talents.

Titled “Waiting On You”, the rising artist’s new single is slated for release on June 28 th , 2021, and will manifest a stirring and flirtatious tune, which invokes a sound similar to that of Janet Jackson. Transporting listeners to a simpler time, the smooth sensuality of the single is a call- back to the hip 80’s Pop culture. Underscored by a laidback and tranquil vibe, “Waiting on You” highlights a fun and groovy vibe, which is held together by catchy hooks and rooted in relatable narrative, making the dynamic artist a budding fan favorite.

Originally inspired by a romantic relationship between two people, who are divided by the many manifestations of distance and not physically together, “Waiting on You” offers an electric and intimate vibe to lose yourself into. This song was originally inspired by a romantic relationship between two individuals who, by any measure of distance, are not physically together at present. Whether it is due to opposing work schedules, long distance, or simply a busy day, the lyrics of the song reflect that the current situation. An enlivening yet intricately woven mix, the single is bound to get anyone lost in the rhythms and beats of dance, enchanted by the magic of her musical prowess. Jamiison is currently looking forward to stunning listeners once again with her original upcoming singles, coupled with a music video to complement her musical compositions fully.

Check out Jamiison’s new release on her official platforms, and make sure to follow her on social media to remain abreast with each new single. For interviews, reviews and/or other business inquires, feel free to contact her through email.

Lisa: Hello again Vanessa! You’ve been busy since the last time we’ve spoke. Tell us what you’ve been doing.

Vanessa: I have! I actually started working with a new team of producers and writers in October 2020 and we’ve been busy with writing sessions, recording and making visual content for each song. I’m so excited to finally be sharing it with my audience.

Lisa: You’ve just released your first song from my current project “waiting on you”. I love the song, what’s the story behind it?

Vanessa: ‘Waiting On You’ was originally inspired by a romantic relationship between two individuals who, by any level of distance, cannot physically be together at a current moment in time. The song is written from the playful perspective of a lonely individual who is craving the attention of their significant other.

Lisa: Tell me more about your upcoming release. What can we expect?

Vanessa: My next release will be out this September and I will keep you updated the release date.

With a bit of a brighter, more upbeat sound ‘Close to Me’ has a fun, flirty, upbeat song based on a “skinny love” type of relationship.  The lyrics draw from a distinctive viewpoint and portray a familiar, picture of two individuals who refuse to acknowledge their feelings for each other. ‘Close to Me’ aims to get you dancing when you hear it. Inspired by personal experiences, I used to have an enormous crush on one of my closest friends but was afraid to tell him. Although there were many signs to the contrary, I was afraid he would not feel the same.

Lisa: What has been most challenging aspect of your current releases?

Vanessa: Honestly I think the most challenging part for me is learning how to market my projects and trying to get them exposed to a bigger audience. Since I’m not signed with a label or a management company thus far its just been my mom and I working as a team, learning as we go. Music is a tough industry to break into.

Lisa: Can we expect any new music videos?

Vanessa: I just released the ‘Waiting On You’ official music video about two weeks and go so if you haven’t seen it yet definitely go check it out!:) On top of that I actually just filmed a really fun BTS/rehearsal style video for my song ‘Close To Me’ with a friend of mine who is an artistic director. Even though it won’t be considered the official music video its definitely going to be a fun piece of content to share because it will showcase what happens during rehearsal for a live performance.

Lisa: Describe your approach to recording.

Vanessa: Recording is my favorite part of the whole process actually. As far as my process goes it kind of depends on the mood of the song, where I’m recording and who I’m recording with. Over the past few moths I’ve been recording with my producer Shayan in his studio. He actually has a really organized way of recording vocals that I appreciate. After a song is written I’ll come in and we’ll record the lead vocals of a song, then about a week later he’ll send me a comp of what we’ve got so far. That way our ears are a bit more fresh and we can make notes of anything we wanna change. Then a couple days later I’ll come back in to the studio and we’ll fix anything we wanna change on the lead and record background vocals. A big thing I’m working on right now when I’m recording  is emitting emotion over perfection. When it comes to vocals I want every note to be perfect and Shayan is really pushing me to let go of the idea of perfection which is great for me.

Lisa: Where was your last song recorded? And was anyone else involved?

Vanessa: I record with my producer Shayan’s studio in Encino California. ‘Close To Me’ is actually the first song we ever worked on together and our first in-person writing session after the pandemic. He brought in co-writers Marc and Savvy to help articulate what I wanted to say in the lyrics. The four of us had a blast, they were such an incredible team to work with.

Lisa: What types of change do you feel your music can initiate?

Vanessa: Ooh great question.. if I’m being totally honest I haven’t been making my music with the intention to initiate change specifically. I’m more so making music to initiate a connection and mutual understanding with my audience. I want people to hear my lyrics and relate to what I’m saying, whether its a deep message or a fun, light hearted message. I want my audience to hear may music and think “wow she really gets me’. All of my songs are authentically written from personal experiences which I think is a powerful thing in itself. It can be hard to practice authenticity in the world we live in today.. so I guess with all of that being said I want my music to inspire my audience to be their authentic selves and that’s the change my music can initiate.

Lisa: If you had an unlimited budget and your schedule was free, what would your dream music video look like?

Vanessa: Oh boy great question! For this song specifically “Close to me”I would love to film in a nightclub. Considering the storyline is about two people who are obviously attracted to one another but won’t admit to it, I think it would be really cool to capture moments of suggestive eye contact from across the room. Maybe a little bit of playful flirting and definitely a dance break down. Janet Jackson style.

Lisa: Did you have any performances recently, and are you planning in the future?

Vanessa: Every other Friday I sing a three hour acoustic set at a restaurant in Westlake Village, California. On top of that I actually just booked Maluma’s upcoming tour as a back up dancer which starts in August. In between Maluma show dates I’ll be booking small local gigs around LA with my own original songs. My goal is to start my own tour starting 2023, if not sooner.

Lisa: What are your plans for the future?


Vanessa: My immediate plans are to release my next song ‘Close To Me’ in September and from there I’ll continue to release a new single from my project every 6-8 weeks. I have about 9 more songs that I’m scheduled to roll out over the next year,including a collaboration single singing in Spanish with a well known Latin artist.  Along with all this fun stuff  I’ll be hitting the stage with Maluma on his world tour starting September meanwhile continuing to write more songs and create content of my own.

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