April 22, 2024
Use This Special Offer to Pick Paul Bostaph's Brain and Maybe You'll Get Better at Drums


It’s not every day you get to learn from one of the best, but legendary drummer Paul Bostaph is offering a special deal to help the more rhythmically-minded among you get better behind the kit.

Late last night, the former Slayer/Testament/Exodus drummer posted a quick video to his Instagram page announcing a “New Years Special” one-hour online lesson via ZOOM to go over whatever skills you want to improve.

“Learn the skills you need to succeed in your New Year’s drumming goals!

“This is a special offer for drummers who want to kick off 2023 by getting a one hour, online lesson with me to improve your double bass, hand technique and/or any other aspect of your drumming. I teach beginners, novices or any more advanced skillset . If you’re a guitar player and want to pick my brain, that works too. Looking forward to talking drums and sharing knowledge with you all!

“Some things you may be interested in:

  • Build your understanding of coordination, rhythm and timing
  • Improve knowledge of drums and experiment with your set up
  • Play rudiments to build hand coordination
  • Play a rock or metal groove
  • Play complex hand and foot patterns
  • Get a breakdown of some of my signature drum fills or metal grooves

“Head over to my website to book your lesson with me. Select the New Years Special and enter code: 2023KICKOFF at checkout.”

With Slayer now in the history books, Bostaph has probably had plenty of time on his hands when he’s not working on Kerry King’s next band.

According to his website, the hour-long lesson costs $170, which is a $30 reduction from his normal hour-long sessions. The offer is going to end on January 2, 2023, so you’ll have to act fast if you want it. You can also grab a four-pack of lessons from Bostaph at $600.


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