June 1, 2023
UK Speaker Brand, Gomi, Is Making Sustainable Speakers Out Of Plastic Bags & E-Bike Batteries

A new type of premium sustainable speaker from the UK-based speaker company, Gomi, called “Collection One” is made completely from recycled materials. The Bluetooth-enabled speakers reuse around 45 plastic bags in production, and they’re powered by e-bike batteries and lithium cells.

Through this method, Gomi has managed to produce 50% less carbon dioxide in production compared to its competitors’ products. Plus, the speakers come in a multitude of stunning marbled colorways.

The Gomi website says about the sustainable speakers, “First, we source retired battery packs from e-bike manufacturers and harvest the lithium cells. The battery cells within these are healthy, but the cost of repairing the damaged packs makes it cheaper for these companies to buy new ones. We test the cells in our studio on our diagnostic rack to check that they’re in perfect working order. Finally, we combine the cells to create the battery packs which power our Gomi speakers for an impressive 30+ hours of play time at normal listening volumes.”

The company will also repair the speaker should any issues arise, keeping more unnecessary e-waste out of landfills and adding “Repair” to the standard triad of “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.”

Check out the deal below, and click here to learn more about Gomi’s recycled and repairable speakers on their website.

Featured image from Gomi, photo credit @veegaphotography

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