September 23, 2023
UK Nightclub Fabric Bans Attendee For Life For Taking Video Shaming Guest

Iconic London nightclub fabric has banned an attendee for life for taking and sharing a video shaming another guest and posting it on social media.

The clip, which was shared via Twitter, had a caption that said, “Yo I’ll never be going to fabric again after seeing this” and showed another person dancing freely in the club with less clothing on.

Fabric replied to the tweet saying, “Great, given this tweet, we’d prefer it if you didn’t come. Our club was built on the values of free expression and the freedom to dance and not be judged. We also have a No Photo Policy to protect our dancers’ privacy. Please do the right thing and remove this video.”

While many clubs might leave it there, fabric took an extra step and banned the offender for life. They then Tweeted an update, “Yesterday we were made aware of a Tweet circulating featuring a video of a dancer at the club. We have requested that due to the nature of the caption and the context in which it was taken, that the video be removed. The author has been given a lifetime ban.”

The club has a No Photo Policy that was officially introduced in June 2021 and bans all unauthorized photos and videos inside the club. fabric has always discouraged phone use and promoted keeping dancers and club-goers focused on the moment.

fabric first opened in 1999 and has since hosted several prominent names like Mind Against, Gorgon City, and Joseph Capriati.

Check out the video below to hear about fabric’s 24-hour parties and their philosophy on clubbing.

All images from fabric London

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