May 30, 2023
Tubi to Present New Raw TMZ Produced DMX Documentary

All the rough riders, hip-hop aficionados, and Dark Man X fans know when a project drops with X’s name attached, it’s time to “stop, drop, shut ’em down, and open up shop.”

Today sources report that Tubi will soon release a new DMX documentary, promising to be a straight hold-the-chaser type of feature.

DMX: Much More Than A Candle in The Wind

It’s hard to believe time passes so quickly. It’s been two years since the breaking news of DMXs’ passing sent the hip-hop world reeling. It was a solemn moment as many within the community fell into mourning the unbelievable departure of a legend. It was difficult to contemplate one more spot on the hip-hop roster of greats that was now vacant. And X’s was a position that no one could ever come close to occupying. His shoes were too big to fill. His talent is a singularity, without refinement, yet massively appealing. DMX’s signature was impervious to duplication.

Partnering to Commemorate the Great Late DMX

In commemorating DMX’s legacy, TMZ and Tubi partnered to bring an exclusive unfiltered documentary to the world. Monday, May 15th, marked the trailer release, giving viewers a taste of what is expected in this timely one-of-a-kind gift to the fans. The presentation is touted as an expansive rendering covering the life of X, from his successes to his hardships. As the synopsis reads,

“DMX became one of rap’s most iconic figures after rising from the streets of Yonkers, but despite his incredible success, a slew of legal problems and personal demons haunted him.”

And his story deserves to be told as many times as necessary.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

DMX, also known as Earl Simmons, was a gift to the world and the community he touched. While not free from fault, he was the epitome of a survivor. He represented the real. He took his pain and passion and turned it into something extraordinary that would move the masses throughout generations.

On May 17th, fans can tune in to Tubi and remember the life and legacy of DMX via the presentation of the “TMZ No BS: DMX” documentary.


Written by Renae Richardson

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