April 19, 2024

Travis Yâhuw announces his illusive return, bringing a new very unusual sound to fans with the release of his awaited second album, Shadowboxing In The Ocean. The forthcoming record is a follow-up to his 2016 Monachopsis EP and is set to be released on music platforms Feb 7, 2021.

Along with the album announcement, today also marks the release of the an exclusive offer available for a limited time. Album available for purchase in digital format for 50% OFF. Travis Yâhuw is currently preparing to release visuals and limited merch in due course.

Travis Yâhuw recorded most of Shadowboxing In The Ocean in Greenville, South Carolina with mastering by Harmoney Studios also in GVL, SC. Travis Yâhuw mentioned that this album will have a more lofi approach with better production than the first album with more encrypted lyrics to decode.

Shadowboxing In The Ocean is composed of 7 tracks, Travis Yâhuw spans over very wavy meditation songs like “Touch Causes Waves” to the ambient “Fax Not Forgotten,” a psychedelic melody with a driving force reminiscent of the trap percussions and deep 60’s weirdo-hippie reverbs.

Since Monachopsis, his relaxing flows have developed more style, with a more refined unique worldview, “Too much time went by without any new releases, even though I was still writing and producing, I had to start up the engine and go! especially having in mind that all the rappers tend to sound the same where I’m from. I had to put out more balance. The new songs are inspired by some great life-changing events in my life past and present as well as future visions from dreams.”

While each song varies in tone, they all are original pieces of art that circle back to one universal theme. “Shadowboxing In The Ocean is a soul-filled, collection of self reflection, not allowing self to get swallowed but all the negative that gets promoted, being rich in diversity, fighting for what’s right and elevation of vibration and manifesting goals,” says Travis Yâhuw. The new record includes “Back 2 The Future”, a reflection of bad decisions following another that almost lead to death. “Being spared which lead to me believing my life begotten for a bigger purpose, it’s mean to make one think like Dane Calloway’s YouTube content, this songs was not going to get released at all, it’s me opening up to the listener about my journey.”

Although this release is truly independent and without a manager, Travis has high hopes for the success of this album. He said, “The new album has healing sounds. The word that describes it best is “balance”. Most listeners will find it perfect for healing purposes and confidence boosting.”

Like many before him, Travis Yâhuw came to the hip-hop world to make waves and thrive. And while he’s often labeled with some form of the words like bizarre’ (some have even compared him to Odd Future), Travis Yâhuw’s style meets at a juncture of many different genres besides hip-hop. There’s something about Travis Yâhuw that is indescribably different — and with his newest project, you’ll understand why. To get his new album while it’s 50% OFF, before it hits music streaming platforms visit https://www.travisyahuw.com/music/  and enter your primary email address.

Contact info:

Name: Travis Yâhuw

Email: travis.yahu@gmail.com

Facebook: Travisyahuw

Instagram: Travisyahuw

Twitter: Travisyahuw

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