March 28, 2023
Trapeze: Don’t Stop The Music album review

Classic Rock album reviews are in danger of doubling up as obituaries these days. In the case of Midlands rockers Trapeze, two of the band’s three core members are no longer with us: guitarist Mel Galley, later of Whitesnake, died in 2008, while disgraced future Judas Priest drummer Dave Holland passed in 2018. That leaves bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes as the last man strutting (currently with the faintly ludicrous Dead Daisies).

Trapeze were discovered in the late 60s by the Moody Blues, who signed them to their Threshold label. A self-titled debut showed no hint of the slinky-hipped funk-o-beast the band would become; it sounds like a mutant Moodies, bizarre tracks such as The Giant’s Dead Hoorah! and Medley: Fairytale/ Verily Verily/Fairytale finding little favour with the fledgling prog community. Thankfully, second album Medusa showed a marked improvement.

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