April 24, 2024
TRAILIGHT - "The One You Feed" Featuring DEVIN TOWNSEND Released


TRAILIGHT - "The One You Feed" Featuring DEVIN TOWNSEND Released

Trailight mastermind Omer Cordell has released his new single, “The One You Feed” features stunning performances by Daniel Cardoso, Cory McBain and Devin Townsend. It is now available on all streaming platforms. 

Cordell: “I started compiling bits and pieces of riffs for Mirrors in the summer of 2021. Demos were finished late spring of 2022. We started tracking drums during Fall of 2022. 

Thank you Cory and Daniel for the colossal amount of work and your unbelievable talent. Thank you to all the beautiful guests. Devin, Dave, Conan, Eyal, Oswin, Meris and Andrea.” 

Daniel Cardoso – Drums 

Cory McBain – Guitars / keys 

Devin Townsend – Lead guitar 

Omer Cordell – Bass / vocals / keys 

Meris Williams – Backing vocals

“The One You Feed” is taken from the new Trailight album, Mirrors, due out later this year. Song titles on Mirrors include:

“The One You Feed” (featuring Devin Townsend)


“Lead A Horse to Water”





“Harbour” (acoustic)


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