April 14, 2024
tory lanez x Kelsey harris x megan the stallion

Jurors and spectators listened intently to a 90-minute interview presented today in the LA Superior Court trial of The People V. Daystarr Peterson. “Tory shot Megan,” Megan Thee Stallion’s ex-bestie, Kelsey Harris, told prosecution lawyers during an interview on Sept. 14, 2022.


Remembering, at least during the September interview with the district attorneys, Harris recalled the series of events leading up to the moments shots were fired at Megan. 

According To Harris, the gathering at Kylie Jenner’s house had six people not counting Megan, EJ, the stylists and herself. Harris said Jenner’s best friends, known celebrity children and even New York Giants’ Odell Beckham, Jr. was among the guests. 

She admits passed out drunk, while everyone else was drinking and eating. When she woke up, to everyone in the people. It was then she said she saw Tory Lanez, the singer charged with shooting at Megan on July 12, 2020, for the first time at the gathering.

EJ, the stylist, who had also packed up their things informed Harris and Megan it was time to leave. Harris said she went to get Megan, who didn’t want to leave. EJ informed Megan her wig was “slipping.” All of their things were backed in EJ’s car but then removed and taken to Lanez’ SUV.

Megan and Kelsey leave the Jenner home in the Hollywood Hills but don’t get far as Megan realizes she left her Louis Vuitton slipper. Back at the Jenner house, driver Jaquan Smith escorts Megan through security to go retrieve her slipper. Harris waits in the car.

Moments later, Harris said she saw Megan walking out with Lanez and Jenner behind them. 

“Bitch, Kylie just kicked us out of her house,” Harris said was the first thing Megan said to her as they got in the vehicle. 

Megan was laughing “out of character” and acting weird, the “Body” rapper’s assistant said.

“What’s funny,” Harris said she asked Megan.

“Yeah,” Harris said Lanez said, but before Megan could answer her question. “Tell your best friend how fake you are?” 

Harris added Megan and Lanez argued in the Black SUV. It was Lanez who called Megan a “hoe” and a “b*tch.” 

“Don’t talk to my friend like that,” Harris said, adding she came to Megan’s defense and started arguing with Lanez, too. 

While her argument with Lanez ensued, Harris said Lanez threatened he would shoot her.

“My n*ga, I will shoot you,” she said he threatened her as he reached to the middle console of the SUV.

“If you shoot me then it’s my time to go,” she said she told him. 

Amid the threats Megan demanded the car pull over and got out on Sunset Blvd. Tory stepped out of the vehicle to talk to Megan who was sitting on a bus stop. Lanez and Megan get back in the car. Megan, according to Harris, was “oddly” calm. 

Lanez apologizes to Harris.

When Megan said Lanez was “a terrible artist who only had one song with Jack Harlow,” he kicked Harris and Megan out the car.

An angered Lanez, according to Harris, instructed his driver, Smith, to “Get these b*tches out of my car.” 

Smith pulled the car over and she and Megan got out. As they walked away from Lanez, Harris said she heard the gunshots. She said she didn’t see the top of Megan’s head, but when she looked back she saw Lanez, from the front seat, shooting at Megan. 

“Megan turns back and looks like a deer in headlights,” according to Harris, adding there were five shots. 

Megan limped to the driveway, while Smith rushed out of the vehicle towards Lanez who was approaching Megan and was also fighting with Harris. She said she got in the car and “jerked” the car then Lanez approached her on the driver’s side and pulled her by her hair and neck.  

Smith eventually manages to get everyone back in the car. Megan, Harris described, was “really calm” for someone who just got shot at. 

Before the foursome was stopped by the Los Angeles Police Department, Lanez, according to Harris offered a million dollars. 

Harris said she was scared and hurt, adding that she didn’t even realize she was injured until she was in custody and released at 8 a.m.

After lunch, more of Harris’ recorded interview may be played for the jurors.

Dr. Lee Haruno presented the court with X-rays of Megan’s feet. In his short testimony, he called the cause of the wounds — fragments, not bullets.

Despite her evoking her fifth amendment rights, Megan Thee Stallion’s former bestie, Kelsey Harris’s Sept. 20, 2022 interview with the District Attorney’s office will also have its day in court.

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