March 29, 2023
tory lanez x megan thee stallion

The defense at the assault trial against Tory Lanez presented its closing statements for the July 2020 shooting where Megan Thee Stallion was allegedly shot at her feet after a gathering with Kylie Jenner.


“Megan is a liar,” George Mgdesyan Lanez’ defense said in his closing statements. According to Mgdesyan, Megan’s lied on social media and lied again when she was asked about her intimate relationship with Lanez.

The attorney dug in and also pointed out how Megan lied to Los Angeles Police Department detectives and on her interview with Gayle King. Lanez’ defense attorneys started to present their closing statements, but are now expected to finish them on Dec. 22. Following the closing remarks the jury is expected finish its deliberation into the end of the week.

During the lengthy closing, the DA countered to say that Megan’s testimony was true as “she has no reason to lie about who shot her.” Furthermore, the DA presented a powerpoint presentation and told the jury that “Megan’s life had been hell for the last two years.” The DA also said Megan “wished” she was dead. Megan took the stand on Dec. 14 when she told jurors she wished she had died.

Lanez’ defense, though they started to present their closing statements, didn’t get to finish before the end of the day and expected to finish at 9:45 a.m. when court resumes.

Tory Lanez’ driver, Jaquan Smith, was seen entering the Los Angeles Superior Court. Smith was driving the Black SUV that was stopped at Sunset Boulevard on July 12, 2020, where a bleeding Megan The Stallion was escorted onto an ambulance. 

Before court was in session on Dec. 21 it was uncertain whether Smith would testify and this would be his first court appearance since the trial began. Throughout the trial, which kicked off opening statements on Dec. 12, the only people with direct knowledge of the case to testify were Kelsey Harris Megan’s former best friend, EJ King, her stylist, as well as Megan Thee Stallion herself.

Smith, along with Lanez, Kylie Jenner, and Corey Gamble were not called to take the stand since the trial started. Furthermore, the prosecution also discussed introducing rap lyrics and social media posts if Lanez took the witness stand, but none were presented to the jury. Smith’s opportunity to take the stand came and went. It appeared the district attorney wasn’t ready to cross examine him. Lanez’ defense and district attorney agreed Smith wouldn’t take the stand claiming it was too close to the holidays with court to resume in 2023. As a result, prolonging the trial and at risk of a mistrial.

The prosecution also mentioned they were dealing with a missing witness that social media has speculated  to be Justin Edison, Megan’s bodyguard who went missing right before he was scheduled to appear in court.

During day 11 of the trial of Tory Lanez unfolded at the Los Angeles Superior Court, the 911 caller, Sean Kelly, said he saw Lanez and Kelsey Harris, Megan’s former assistant, with something that looked like sparks or fireworks from his child’s bedroom. Kelly didn’t use the word “gun” to describe what he saw in Harris or Lanez’ hands.

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