April 17, 2024
Toronto Artist Lil Kizzle Comes To Collect in Brand New Single “Racks Blue”


Toronto, known for its abundance of talented musicians, is home to a vibrant music scene. Among the rising stars is 17-year-old Lil Kizzle, who is making waves with his music under the Canadian label Morojele Music Group.

Toronto is home to some of the most talented musicians in the world. From indie rock bands, international superstars like Drake, and electronic DJs, the city has no shortage of talent. 17-year-old Lil Kizzle is setting the bar high for the local scene in Toronto releasing his second single under Canadian label Morojele Music Group.


Today the artist released “Racks Blue” a young hustler’s anthem to go out and get it. Racks Blue takes a complete 180 from his first offering “Don’t Step” a drill-infused street anthem released last fall. The track was Lil Kizzle’s debut to the Canadian hip-hop scene and U.S. SoundCloud Charts. Impressively, the music video to “Don’t Step” has now seen over 600k views on youtube alone.

The track was also produced by frequent collaborator and fellow MMG signee, 17-year-old Regis Mele. The young and talented creatives seem to be a perfect pair given he also produced “Racks Blue”. Noticeably the singles cater to different audiences but still display Kizzle’s ability to adapt and dominate whatever beat he’s presented with.

With the diversity in artists like Lil Kizzle, Toronto now has something for everyone.
Follow the artist on Instagram @LilKizzleFromDa6 and check out the new single below.


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