April 24, 2024


Rapper Toosii treated 40 of his lady fans to an evening of paint and sip in Atlanta. The North Carolina native decided to follow a recent trend of artists showing fans appreciation.



The “Love Cycle” artist treated 40 of his lady fans to an evening of paint and sip Atlanta. 

The ladies got a chance to show off their creative flairs and skills while his music served as a soundtrack for the evening. The playlist also featured “Favorite Song.”

Perhaps, Toosii wanted to take a page out of YG’s book who is also known for his generosity towards his fans. Recently, the “Toxic” rapper took his fans on a dinner date.

At the time of press, it was unclear how fans were selected to participate in Toosii’s sip & paint date, but it appears he has further plans to do the same in other cities.

The Platinum Heart artist took to Twitter to explain the importance of connecting with fans.

“The fans don’t understand how much they mean to us,” his post read. “It’s deeper than can be explained. The anxiety, the mental health, the feeling of being alone. You amazing people ease it all.”

Toosii could also be following the lead of another superstar artist who has hosted unique meet-and-greets. Chris Brown seems to keep building relationships with his fans and seemingly shaded Megan Thee Stallion and other artists for “copying” his idea.


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