February 5, 2023
Metal Shout

Tool band just sharing a video teaser for upcoming and new music. Tool’s guitarist Adam Jones and the band just mentioned in the caption “Coming Soon” on Instagram.

So, like with anything Tool-related, we will just have to wait and see what they’re up to anything would happen soon.

Regarding future Tool band plans, drummer Danny Carey revealed in a March 2022 interview that the band had some leftover ideas from the “Fear Inoculum” album that they will begin working on. Danny Carey also mentioned that the band is working on a live DVD containing largely concerts from Tool‘s Lateralus shows in 2002. And that the release would be “a terrific mind blower for all the diehard fans.”

However, our opinion is that it is unlikely. 10,000 Days was released in 2006. Because it would not have been performed during “Lateralus” tour, and there is nothing fresh in the future.

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Tool band has been relatively silent since the end of their “Fear Inoculum World Tour” earlier this year, except for the release of costly vinyl compilations. Frontman Maynard James Keenan recently set out the next year of activity for one of his bands, Puscifer, who has been incredibly active with live streaming and new live-in-the-studio records coming shortly.

Despite this, there is the tiniest discussion of Tool band or A Perfect Circle. As Metalshout originally reported, the band is nowadays pledging something amazing, potentially linked to their legendary album 10,000 Days. However, this celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2021. But they will come with something new in 2023 for sure.

When we back to the Maynard James Keenan interview. He stated the new album will take some time:

“The guys in Tool, they just take longer to process information and get it together and present me something that I can start building on. I’ve made the mistake in the past of trying to build on something that wasn’t ready yet, and then all the work I put into the building on the thing, they change the foundation.

If I’m trying to decorate the house and then you move where the doors are or the windows or add a floor, I gotta start over, as an interior decorator. I have to wait for them to do it, so there’s time. I have time to do all these other things in between because I can and I should.

One could argue a little bit of discipline and a little prodding, a little cattle prod or a taser would help move these guys along a little faster, but that’s their process, you just have to kind of respect it.

It’s frustrating. I’m sure they’re frustrated with me because they hand it to me and I’m like, ‘It’s done.’ like, ‘You didn’t take any time with it?’ Yes, I took 50 years for this reaction to these things. I’ve been preparing for decades to hear these things and be able to react honestly, and I riff on them – on all the songs, on all the projects.”

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Watch the Tool’s Instagram teaser below!

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