March 29, 2023
Tomorrowland To Reveal "Adscendo" Origins In Debut Fantasy Adventure Novel

For the first time in Tomorrowland history, the international festival will reveal the origin story of its festival theme “Adscendo” with a fantasy adventure novel.

“The Rise of Adscendo,” the title of the novel, will create a unique interactivity and fantasy world so attendees and fans alike can dive into the imagery and lore of the theme in a way never explored before by the “People of Tomorrow.”

The story teaser states, “The islands of Arcadiana are sinking, and the Soaring Isles, suspended in the air like floating mountains far out of reach, will soon fall, destroying the whole city – if the water doesn’t swallow them first. As a Windrider, all Ro has ever wanted to do is to fly like the other members of her family. Thanks to her love of all the birds of her world, she has an idea on how to improve the day-to-day life of her crumbling society. But while out testing her new flying contraption, danger strikes and she finds herself rescued by the most noble and most rare of all the birds. The Golden Auric. Up in the clouds, she will make a discovery that will set her on a path to salvation.”

A novel is incredibly fitting as Tomorrowland’s Great Library is called Adscendo, alluding to books being an important part of the 2023 event.

The only other way to gain access to exclusive details of Tomorrowland 2023 is to join “Adscendo – A Digital Introduction” on January 28, 2023 where fourteen of the world’s most prominent electronic artists will perform live sets combined with 3D technology and production that will showcase what to expect from Adscendo. The lineup will also be revealed during this experience.

“The Rise of Adscendo,” the first novel from Tomorrowland, is available for pre-order now here in both English and Dutch.

All images from Tomorrowland and Press

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