February 26, 2024
Tomorrowland Supports The People Of Tomorrow With Nonprofit Music School In India

Tomorrowland just opened the Tomorrowland Foundation Music & Arts School in India in partnership with the nonprofit Ek Tara to support dance, music, and art classes for the People of Tomorrow.

1500 underprivileged girls in the largest slums of the city of Kolkata now have access to musical education to support their career prospects and confidence under the tagline “her abilities, endless possibilities.”

Ek Tara’s Education and Child Development programs promote sustained income generation for women from disadvantaged backgrounds and provides women the opportunity to lead empowered lives. The foundation has several initiatives it focuses on from improving communication skills and encouraging logical thinking and reasoning, to facilitating employment opportunities and empowering communities.

The Tomorrowland school joins several other facilities including one in Nepal that opened in April 2018. This Music & Arts School is a 413 m² building 100% funded with the gifts of Tomorrowland festival goers and was officially opened by electronic duo Lost Frequencies who represented the People of Tomorrow.

Donations to the Tomorrowland Foundation Music & Arts School in India can be made here.

Featured image from Tomorrowland 

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