December 1, 2023
Todd La Torre pokes fun at himself by joking one of his names is “Not Geoff Tate”

Todd La Torre pokes fun at himself by joking one of his names is “Not Geoff Tate”

Most Sleaze Roxx readers will know Todd La Torre as the powerhouse and talented frontman for Queensÿche and the replacement for co-founding member Geoff Tate. It seems that La Torre has some other talents that Queensrÿche fans may not be as familiar with.

Sleaze Roxx recently posted an article titled Queensrÿche unleash video for cover of Billy Idol’s track “Rebel Yell”, which received quite a few comments via Facebook including one from someone named Robert Casias who indicated “That’s not Jeff tate😡.”

Rather than getting offended with that remark, La Torre replied with the following comment, “Robert Casias Sorry, you walked right into this one lol” and a video link showing himself doing a stand up comedian routine [likely at the 2023 Monsters of Rock Cruise] where he stated (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx):

“All right! How’s everyone doing [applause]? Some of you might not know me. My name is Todd La Torre and my name is pronounced nothing like it’s spelled — L-A-T-O-R-R-E. In some parts of the world, they say [in a seemingly South American accent] ‘Todd La Torre“. In Staten Island [New York, USA], they say “Todd La Tour” and some of the old Queensrÿche fans call me “Not Geoff Tate” [big applause and laughter].”

In an interview with The Brutally Delicious podcast back in July 2023, La Torre revealed that his debut stand up routine took place at the 2023 edition of the Monsters of Rock Cruise, and his performance was spurred on and organized via renowned heavy metal comedian Don Jamieson. La Torre indicated (as transcribed by Blabbermouth): “I tailored everything around the cruise and ’80s music and a lot of self-deprecating jokes. And so I ended up doing it, and it was a lot of fun. I was terrified. I would say there was probably — I don’t know — a few hundred people in the club. When you have your band, that’s like your blanket. You have all your buddies around you and it’s the music. I can sing in front of a hundred thousand people and I’m not freaking out. When it’s you and it’s dead quiet, [it’s a totally different thing].”

You can listen to the interview with Todd La Torre on The Brutally Delicious podcast below:

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