November 29, 2022
This Custom Sneaker Artist Turns Ordinary Vans Into EDM Art Pieces -

There’s a new line of custom kicks stomping through the rave generation.

Maddison Brady of UFOCUSTOMRAVE turns plain, ordinary Vans shoes into vibrant canvases inspired by electronic dance music, with each pair of sneakers rooted in the imagery of the world’s top DJs and producers.

Prior designs have featured everything from the shimmering T-Rex and firebird pairing featured on Excision and ILLENIUM’s cover art for “Gold” to the crazy-eyed cyclops prominently featured by Subtronics.

According to the brand’s website, the custom orders are created using acrylic paint and then sealed for protection. Shuffle at a festival, wear them on a night out or simply take a walk knowing there’s a layer of preservation to keep the original art intact. 

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