March 23, 2023
The World Mourns Death of Costa Titch- FM HIP HOP

On Sunday, March 12, Costa Titch appeared to pass out after his set, shocking fans worldwide. Despite the lack of details at the time, it was later confirmed Costa Titch had indeed passed away. And today, the world mourns the loss of yet another South African rising star.

Who was Costa Titch

Titch was a young and promising 28-year-old artist full of ambition. The enterprising and hungry artist, also known as Costa Tsobanoglou, began his career as a dancer. As soon as he felt it was his time, he jumped. Taking the leap paid off for him. According to CBS News, one of his more recent releases, Big Flexa, was a considerable measure of his promise. As the source notes,

The video, showcasing an amapiano subgenre of house music that combines jazz, house, and lounge, garnered more than 45 million views on YouTube.

Titch: An Artist Set Apart

Titch’s distinctive flavor and ability to blend what All Music defines as a

“mix of Afro-pop, trap, and hip-hop with indigenous South African languages set him apart.”

When talent and artistry mix, one thing is sure: it serves as a force for propulsion in a cookie-cutter world. The undeniable talent of Titch caught the attention of another industry figure Akon, who achieved massive success on the global music scene. The signing of Titch to his Konvict label cemented Akon’s belief that he had something special.

Costa Titch and Akon. Image Source: Instagram

After the news of Titch’s death swept the internet, this is what Akon had to say, 

“I remember when Babs played me his record for the first time. I was convinced that he would make an impact in this world. He had a vision I knew would take over the music industry globally and was on his way to doing that when God’s plan intervened. “

An Impactful Death

His death has undoubtedly impacted many, and it’s hard to comprehend how someone with so much promise could leave the world so soon. This is only magnified not only by his tenacity but by the symbolic nature of his path. The Conversation notes,

“As a white man who embraced African hip-hop culture, Costa Titch symbolized the rainbow nation aspirations of South Africa–a term coined by Archbishop Desmond Tutu to refer to different ethnic groups living and working together and moving past apartheid’s brutality.

Blazing His Path

 Titch started as a dancer, but his dream was even greater. After 2017, he was determined to realize that dream. And although he didn’t get the opportunity to see that to completion, what he accomplished stands as an example. People rarely live to the fullest, exploring their passions until the end. Akon sums it up best,

“It’s a sad day, but what makes me feel better knowing he [Titch] died doing what he loved doing the most in this world. God bless you, COSTA.”

So today, FM Hip Hop sends its condolences to the family, friends, and community who are now mourning. Long live the legacy of Costa, and may his life continue to stand as a tribute, prodding others to live life full-out with no brakes.

Written by: Renae  Richardson

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