March 2, 2024
The Weeknd Reacts To Backlash Over 'The Idol' After Controversial Cannes Debut 

The Weeknd has responded to the controversy surrounding his upcoming HBO television series, The Idol. 


The series, co-created by Euphoria’s Sam Levinson, was criticized by some as being way too sexualized following the Cannes Film Festival premiere. Rolling Stone panned “The Idol” in a review, branding the series a “shitshow.” One insider reportedly described the project as a “rape fantasy.” 

While the four-time Grammy Award winner predicted “The Idol” will “p### some people off,” fans were quick to deter him from reading the reviews.  

“why ???” Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye asked via Twitter Thursday (May 25), when told not to check the quote tweets on a post featuring the artist at Cannes.  

“They saying u look like a teddy bear with birthing hips idk if you saw,” stated one fan. “😂 I kinda see it now,” The Weeknd replied before addressing another response. “What are they saying? All I’m seeing is , “ugly”, “cringe”, “fat”, “not him” ???” he added.  

Nonetheless, The Weeknd took the backlash graciously and is excited for the world to see the series. “i love all of you. every single one. i promise. ❤️,” he wrote. “and one more thing … THE IDOL JUNE F###### 4TH !!!!!!!!!!!” 

The Weeknd Predicted “The Idol’ Would Upset Viewers

The Weeknd explained the vision behind The Idol during a press conference at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival earlier this week. 

 “We Initially wanted to make a dark, twisted fairy tale with the music industry and everything I know about it and heighten it, and take inspirations from films that both me and Sam love – it was really our love for music,” he revealed. 

“Can we create somebody who is trying to find themselves,The “Creepin’” hitmaker continued. “Using my experiences, using his experiences, using Lily’s experiences on creating something special, daring and exciting, and fun that will make people laugh and p### some people off?” 

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