April 24, 2024
The Story of Rising Music Artist Victoria Leanna


It’s hard to talk about creative industries without mentioning music. Music has evolved over the years, adjusting to the appropriate era, culture, and tradition of whoever makes it. Artists, songwriters, and producers all come together to create a song, but while music is constantly changing, many people also feel that lyrics are losing their depth. This is where artist Victoria Leanna comes in; she aims to bring depth and meaning back through her music. 


Born and raised in Northern California, Victoria graduated from UC Berkeley. After that, she moved to LA and decided to make music before then moving to New York. While many artists choose to work with companies and record labels, Victoria has opted to be an independent artist. She wants to have the freedom and flexibility to do whatever she wants. However, Victoria sees herself making big music and thinks of herself as working on the same level as many significant artists in the industry. 


Victoria likes to create music that can speak to her audience and that her demographic can relate to. Her first album, Love Is Everything, which she made with producer and music artist Shalom Melchizedek, was released in 2016. She then released another single, “Let It Go,” which performed great in New York. Victoria returned to the music scene in 2020 with a cover of “The Box” and “Ring My Bell.” 


At the moment, Victoria focuses her songwriting on women. She writes songs about real-life experiences that speak about most situations women face. Victoria also likes to focus her songs on situations that not many people want to discuss or uncover. 


Victoria has had Ne-Yo support her record, Je Ne Sais Quoi, by giving her a video shoutout. She also had India’s best dancer dance to her records and even participated in those records. Her work has also gained a lot of organic success in a short amount of time. She’s also had articles written about her in Forbes. 

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Regarding social media, Victoria has more than 22.4K followers on her Instagram. Her work is available on major music streaming platforms such as Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Dezer, and others. Victoria’s official music videos can be found on her YouTube channel. 


Victoria’s most popular songs include “Body to Body,” “Dedicate,” “Trust My Body,” “Paradise,” and “Goddess Time.” Her song “Goddess Time” has been played over 43,000 times on Spotify. She’s also a verified artist on Spotify, and her top monthly listeners originate from Miami, Phoenix, and Bogota, in the US. 


When asked about wisdom, Victoria says that while being an artist is great, you also have to understand the business of music. She says, “For example, the genres of music I love listening to is not the genre of music I make as an artist, but you can take anything as inspiration and create your lane with it.” 


Victoria has some plans for the future; she is looking forward to a tour and wants to take her music global in the coming years. She’s also excited to make and release more music frequently. Victoria wants her music to be heard by billions of people worldwide. 

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