October 6, 2022

The Star Prairie Project is the brainchild of Nolen R. Chew Jr., a song writer from Star Prairie,Wisconsin. Nolen collaborates with musicians and producers from LA to London to bring his songs to life. The Star Prairie Project is named after the village of Star Prairie (50) miles NE of Minneapolis/St Paul and the Alan Parsons Project from back in the day. The Star Prairie Project released their debut album, ‘Panacea’ this past July to much critical claim. The album has accrued over 1.1 million streams on Spotify with the featured single, ‘Frantic Mind’ reaching #36 on the iTunes UK Top 100 Rock chart and #12 in the South Africa iTunes Rock chart. It also reached #1 on the Apple chart in Venezuela. The Star Prairie Project includes, Nolen R. Chew Jr., Songwriter, Manager (Star Prairie, WI). Rudiger (LA) Vocals, Instrumentation and Production. Marcello Vieira (Portugal), Vocals, and Production and Ricardo Dikk (London) Instrumentation, Engineering and Production.

The Star Prairie Project released their second album, ‘Surreal’ on December 18th, 2020. It is the perfect follow up to their debut album ‘Panacea’. ‘Surreal’ doesn’t miss a beat with hard charging Rock anthems like, ‘Contemplating Plato’ and ‘The Crying’ seamlessly woven with silky smooth ballads like, ‘Hang in Their Becca’ and ‘Sophia’. Like ‘Panacea’ this record plays out like a concept album.

Although each song has its own life, the full work as a whole is the most impressive thing about it all. The discerning mind will catch the chaotic alternating moods of the songs. A full display of bipolarity as the ambiance swings from hope to despair and from joy to melancholy. It ends on a note of promise. So fitting of an album in the age of Pandemic and economic and social strife. A fresh, stylish musical and lyrical adventure that takes you on quite the journey. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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