April 17, 2024
The Source |[WATCH] Candace Owens Leaks Audio Of Kim Kardashian Calling Whitney Houston An 'Old Hag'


 Candace Owens has leaked a voicemail Kim Kardashian is alleged to have sent to Ray J about a decade ago. In the voicemail she refers to Whitney Houston as an “old hag” before calling the ex-couple “sick” and “disgusting.” While it’s unclear how Owens obtained the audio, she felt inclined to play the recording in the latest episode of her Candace Owens Podcast as she touched on the Black men the Kardashian’s used to get to where they are today before “leaving them in the dust.”

“Some tapes are making the rounds, of Kim Kardashian and she’s talking trash […] It’s not the sweet little Kim K that she presents today,” Owens expressed. “She’s nasty; she’s calling Whitney Houston a crackhead and she’s yelling at Ray J. […] It is the opposite version of the Kim Kardashian that your kids have been following.” She then proceeded to let her audience know that the audio she had gotten her hands on is only a sample of the full recording that has yet to be released.

“I think you’re honestly a sick human being,” a woman who’s believed to be Kardashian is heard saying on the tape. “You are just so desperate that you’ll do anything for attention, and you’re so disgusting. Go have fun with old hag Whitney, you’re so sick – and crack is definitely not whack with you guys. You are just, honestly, it makes me laugh how disgusting you guys look.”
Listen below.


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