December 11, 2023
The Source |TikTok Star Reveals Kanye West Flew Him Out And 'Didn't Want Him To Leave'

According to a TikTok star Mufasa, if you hang out with Kanye—he just might not let you go home.

The TikTok sensation spoke with Daily Star and revealed that Kanye West flew him out to his infamous ranch.

The online star, who rose to fame with the “car dance” admitted that he “hung out with West a few times” and the hitmaker “didn’t want him to leave”

The TikTok star said: “Yeah, some celebs have reached out [to me]. One celebrity I got to hang out with was Kanye. He flew me out for a week to his ranch, we got to hang out and chat about many things.”

Mufasa continued: “He didn’t want me to leave but I had to fly out. It was my birthday weekend so I wanted to celebrate with my family and my team. We hung out a few times after that.”

The star – real name Jeff Obeng – then went on to explain what meeting the rap icon was like and how Kanye spends his day-to-day life.

Obeng revealed: “We talked about everything but it wasn’t really what he said that put a battery in my back. It was more of what he was doing – one moment he would make clothes, then an hour later he made music and then he would have a board meeting all in the same space.”

“He made me realise I wasn’t working hard enough!”

When asked what Kanye himself was like, Mufasa simply said that “Kanye was Kanye” and praised his inspirational work ethic.

He gushed: “Kanye was very driven and it’s like you can’t tell him nothing. If he says he’s going to achieve something, he will get it done – one way or another.”

The viral star also admitted that he’s had “quite a handful of celebrities” reach out to him but in terms of music, he’s still waiting for the right collaboration to come about.

Obeng explained: “They ask me to do videos for them or with them all the time, but I’m trying to evolve from just doing skits. I’m doing different things now. I don’t want to be 80 years old dancing outside of a car!”

Mufasa’s new single “World Needs Love” is out now and the star hopes that his “good energy only” vibes will “bring the fun back into house music”.

Listen below.

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